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denma mühendislik
Denma Makina ve Mühendislik

About us

2009' dan beri metale şeklini veriyoruz...

Biz Kimiz ?

Denma Corporate

Biz Kimiz?

Since 2009...

Denma Engineering and Machinery was established in 2009 in Konya. Since its establishment, the company has been concentrating its production on special type reducer manufacturing and providing timely service to its domestic and foreign customers in many different sectors including light type construction machinery. Moreover, it aims to provide high level customer satisfaction in machining, laser cutting, twisting and welding projects by combining sheet metal processing technology with long years of manufacturing experience.

Our Quality Policy


We demand customer demands and expectations in the production of machinery and spare parts and supply our products with prices and reasonable prices, our company is competing, we continue to grow and constantly progress.

The following objectives are set out in this policy:

To continuously improve quality by working with team spirit
Reduce the drop by increasing productivity
Ensuring that things are done correctly the first time and continuously
Ensuring the training, motivation and meeting of our customers
Managing benefit benefit with our suppliers
Comply with legal requirements
Continuously regulate our quality management system
Monitor and view technological developments in our product range
To use the security of our organization effectively and protect the environment

It will be possible for all personnel to understand the quality policy and objectives and to carry out the policies and objectives of all activities.

Denma Makine ve Mühendislik

Difference of the Denma

To achieve flawless production by continuously improving the quality targets.

denma lazer kesim konya

Denma Farkı

İşyeri ruhu ve disiplinine sahip mühendis kadrosuyla üretim planlaması yapmak.

Kaynaklı İmalat

Denma Farkı

Ürün emniyetini sağlamak, müşteri ve çalışanlarımıza yönelik riskleri en aza indirmek.