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Özellikle hafif tip inşaat makinelerinde kullanılan özel tip redüktörler ve özel ihtiyaçlara yönelik tasarlanmış redüktörler…

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What is Reductor?

The gear unit is a gear system which changes the speed-to-torque ratio of a rotational movement with the help of gears. Together with the gearboxes, it is an element of the parallel gear sequences of the gear assemblies. Structurally, gearboxes, gear wheels, shafts, bearings and so on. The gear unit is also a gear system, so the purpose of use is the same. These goals can be listed as follows.

1. Transmitting and transmitting power between shafts in various positions,

2. To obtain various directions of rotation,

3. To obtain a large conversion rate in a small volume,

4. To provide independence in terms of motion between these two elements in systems consisting of two rotating elements.



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Welded Manufacturing

In our company, the result of machining or laser cutting of the products resulting from the cutting of robotic systems is the process. Mixing gases are used during welding and synergistic welding machines are preferred. By means of the welding process, project oriented work is provided to customers by providing turnkey solutions.